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Information and Resources: Articles and Reports

information and resources: articles and reports

The Nursing Times journal recently produced an excellent series of articles covering the main points of nursing those from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

  • Collins, A. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 1: Judaism. Nursing Times; 98: 9, 33–35.

  • Northcott, N. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 2: Buddhism. Nursing Times; 98: 10, 36–38.

  • Christmas, M. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 3: Christianity I. Nursing Times; 98: 11, 37–39.

  • Papadopoulos, I. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 4: Christianity II. Nursing Times; 98: 12, 36–37.

  • Baxter, C. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 5: Rastafarianism. Nursing Times; 98: 13, 42–43.

  • Gill, B.K. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 6: Sikhism. Nursing Times; 98: 14, 39–41.

  • Jootun, D. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 7: Hinduism. Nursing Times; 98: 15, 38–40.

  • Akhtar, S. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 8: Islam. Nursing Times; 98: 16, 40–42.

  • Simpson, J. (2002) Nursing with dignity: Part 9: Jehovah's Witnesses. Nursing Times; 98: 17, 36–37.

Positively Diverse has produced a great deal of practical advice and guidance on caring for patients from various cultural backgrounds.

S. Bullas, B. Burford and B. Collier (2000) Positively diverse report 2000. Department of Health.

Positively Diverse report 2000 (PDF)

SHRINE (Strategic Human Resource Intelligence Networks) provide essential support and networking to all NHS employers. They have produced the following handbook to explore issues raised within the Positively Diverse process.

SHRINE (2003) Positively diverse: Respect and understanding. SHINE Thames Valley network.

SHRINE Positively Diverse Handbook (doc)

Picker Institute Europe provides timely newsletters on improvements to services within healthcare by using patient feedback.

D. Swain (2003) Improving patients’ experience: Improving cultural awareness in the healthcare environment. Picker Institute Europe (Issue 5).

Improving cultural awareness in the healthcare environment newsletter (March 2003, PDF)

'Handbook on cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs'

This handbook, produced by the South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, summarises the beliefs of the major cultures and religious groups, and their specific healthcare requirements. It also contains national contact details for many groups.

'Information on Cultural differences of patients'

This article summarises the cultural requirements of patients from all major religions.

'Southern Area Health Authorities - Cultural Handbook for Staff'

This handbook provides information on cultural and health issues of selected communities in Northern Ireland. It covers the major religions and includes a section on guidelines for treating patients with different religious and cultural beliefs.