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The following books were used during the research and construction of this site as sources of information and inspiration. They should all be available from good bookshops or by searching online bookstores. Prices cannot be guaranteed.

Culture, Religion and Patient Care in a Multi-ethnic Society: a Handbook for Professionals

Alix Henley and Judith Schott

Published by Age Concern, England (1999)

ISBN : 0 86242 231 0

Price : £19.99


A fantastic resource, giving many 'real-world' examples of issues that arise for patients, staff and visitors when healthcare needs and religious or cultural duties conflict – and how to solve these issues. The book contains a good section on the use of interpreters and translated material, and the inclusion of comments from patients and staff helps the book to remain a fresh and easy read (see Amazon).

Religions in the UK: Directory 2001–2003 (Edition 3)

Edited by Paul Weller

Published by the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby, in association with the Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom (2001)

ISBN : 0 901437 96 4

Price : £25.00

An excellent resource, and a must for anyone attempting to formulate policy or discover more about ethnicity in the UK. Contains information about many major groups and religions, as well as basic information about cults, minor groups and little-known splinter groups. Provides plenty of advice about how to contact different groups, behaviour in places of worship, arranging multi-faith and multi-ethnic events, and where to go for further information. It even has a listing of newspapers available in this country for different groups (see Amazon).

Caring for Jewish Patients

Joseph Spitzer

Published by Radcliffe Medical Press (2003)

Caring for Jewish Patients

ISBN : 1 85775 991 5

Price : £24.95

This book offers practical advice about caring for Jewish patients and gives the reader a good background in Judaism. It is illustrated throughout with case studies and would be a very useful addition to the library of any healthcare centre.

Caring for Muslim Patients

Edited by Aziz Sheikh and Abdul Rashid Gatrad

Published by Radcliffe Medical Press (2000)

Caring for Muslim Patients

ISBN : 1 85775 372 0

Price : £19.95

This book will help healthcare teams to understand the needs of Muslim patients and adapt their care accordingly. Illustrated throughout with case studies and good advice, it would be a useful addition to the library of any healthcare centre.

Accessing Healthcare: Responding to Diversity

Edited by Judith Healy and Martin McKee

Published by Oxford University Press (2004)

Accessing Healthcare: Responding to Diversity


ISBN : 0 19851 618 5

Price : £49.50

Religions and Cultures: Guide to Beliefs and Customs for Health Staff and Social Care Services

Revised 5th edition (1999), edited by Dr Moussa Jogee and Mrs Saroj Lal

Copies of this very useful booklet are available from:

R&C Publications, PO Box 17249, Edinburgh, EH11 2XZ

Tel/fax: 0131 441 4182


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