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An ethnic group is a community of people who share cultural and/or physical characteristics including one or more of the following: history, political system, religion, language, geographical origin, traditions, myths, behaviours, foods, genetic similarities and physical features.

Recently, ethnicity has taken on slightly different connotations and now tends to be used to describe people who are often a minority in the country in which they live. People who live in a country that is not their original landoften find that they need to reaffirm their identity. For many people, their ethnic identity is an important part of who they are.


Diversity is a concept that needs to be better understood and should not be seen only in vague terms. It covers issues such as religion, sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, class and age; thus, it is a different concept from that of race. We live in a diverse society and the NHS aims to reflect this fact by understanding the specific needs of patients and staff, no matter who they are.

Encyclopaedia Britannica definition

A social group or category of the population that, in a larger society, is set apart and bound together by common ties of race, language, nationality or culture.

legal definition

A set of individuals whose identity as such is distinctive in terms of common cultural traditions or heritage.

Census 2001


The most recent UK census took place in 2001, and provides a comprehensive survey of the UK population.

The following three questions were asked on the census form, in an attempt to gather data about the diversity of our modern society (because ethnicity was essentially self-defined by people who completed the census forms, other canvassing methods may give rise to different ethnic ratios in society):

  • What is your country of birth?
  • What is your ethnic group?
  • What is your religion?

See also our 'Census information' page, to help you find out much more about the UK population.

definition of ethnicity

Ethnicity is a term that is open to much debate and one that often causes great confusion. The word 'ethnic' is derived from the Greek word 'ethnos', and simply means 'nation' or 'people'.

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