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Hindus: Organisations for Further Help

Perhaps because of the complexity of Hindu society with its many castes (jati) and classes (varna), and the localised nature of settled communities, very few organisations represent the UK Hindu community as a whole. It may be best to contact a local branch of the Inter Faith Network and ask for advice about contacting local Hindu groups.

The Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom website provides contact details for other groups.

National Hindu Students Forum UK

This group does not just look after Hindu students, but is devoted to the development of a unified multicultural society for graduates to take their place in. This site has many useful popular Hindu cultural references, and a comprehensive list of further resources.

Hindu Council (UK)

The Hindu Council (UK) was established in 1994 and acts as an umbrella organisation as far as possible for the numerous Hindu organisations in the UK.

74 Llanover Road, North Wembley, London, HA9 7LT

Tel: 07779 583066


National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)

This organisation aims to promote the Hindu religion and culture, maintain national unity among Hindu temples and provide information for local authorities, schools and interested parties.

Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD2 9EZ

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