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Cultural Awareness in Healthcare

Mr Babulal Sidhpura

Babulal is currently a patient who is undergoing NHS treatment.

Mr Babalal Sidhpura

video interviews: Mr Babulal Sidhpura

Video interviews are available in high- and low-quality video format , audio and as a transcription.

This video is in Gujarati.

section one – personal information

  1. Do you consider yourself a member of any religious group? Please could you describe some of your main beliefs? [1.1: low quality video, 106 kb; 1.1: high quality video, 1129 kb; 1.1: audio, 87 kb; 1.1: transcript]
  2. What role does your faith have in your everyday life? [1.2: low quality video, 89 kb; 1.2: high quality video, 953 kb; 1.2: audio, 83 kb; 1.2: transcript]
  3. Do you have a traditional naming system? Please could you describe how it works? [1.3: low quality video, 121 kb; 1.3: high quality video, 1284 kb; 1.3: audio, 121 kb; 1.3: transcript]

section two – your experience of healthcare

  1. Do you feel it is important for healthcare workers to be aware that there are different naming systems? [2.1: low quality video, 109 kb; 2.1: high quality video, 1202 kb; 2.1: audio, 109 kb; 2.1: transcript]
  2. How important do you feel it is that healthcare workers understand your cultural background? [2.2: low quality video, 205 kb; 2.2: high quality video, 2344 kb; 2.2: audio, 197 kb; 2.2: transcript]
  3. Would you prefer to be treated by someone who knew about your cultural background? [2.3: low quality video, 108 kb; 2.3: high quality video, 1194 kb; 2.3: audio, 107 kb; 2.3: transcript]
  4. How does your faith influence your perception of illness? [2.4: low quality video, 211 kb; 2.4: high quality video, 2313 kb; 2.4: audio, 211 kb; 2.4: transcript]
  5. Do you find there is a language barrier between yourself and healthcare workers? How do you think this can be improved? [2.5: low quality video, 510 kb; 2.5: high quality video, 1284 kb; 2.5: audio, 506 kb; 2.5: transcript]
  6. What would concern you most if you had to stay in hospital for a period of time? [2.6: low quality video, 368 kb; 2.6: high quality video, 4000 kb; 2.6: audio, 382 kb; 2.6: transcript]
  7. If there is a death in your family, what sort of service would you require from healthcare workers to make this period less agonising? [2.7: low quality video, 251 kb; 2.7: high quality video, 2626 kb; 2.7: audio, 245 kb; 2.7: transcript]
  8. What cultural practices, if any, do you perform for the deceased family member? [2.8: low quality video, 165 kb; 2.8: high quality video, 1666 kb; 2.8: audio, 153 kb; transcript]
  9. Is there much use of traditional medicines and methods in your community, and do you use these traditional methods yourself? [2.9: low quality video, 224 kb; 2.9: high quality video, 2368 kb; 2.9: audio, 216 kb; 2.9: transcript]
  10. If you were brought into hospital unconscious would there be anything you would like healthcare workers to consider whilst treating you? [2.10: low quality video, 100 kb; 2.10: high quality video, 1051 kb; 2.10: audio, 92 kb; 2.10: transcript]
  11. What service would you require if you were brought into hospital as an emergency case? [2.11: low quality video, 95 kb; 2.11: high quality video, 801 kb; 2.11: audio, 67 kb; 2.11: transcript]
  12. How is organ donation viewed in your culture? [2.13: low quality video, 286 kb; 2.13: high quality video, 2648 kb; 2.13: audio, 273 kb; 2.13: transcript]
  13. What are the main changes you would like to see in the future care of ethnic minority patients? [2.14: low quality video, 278 kb; 2.14: high quality video, 2993 kb; 2.14: audio, 278 kb; 2.14: transcript]
  14. When you have been in hospital for a period of time have there been any practices that you have seen that have been particularly effective when caring for patients from an ethnic minority? [2.15: low quality video, 323 kb; 2.15: high quality video, 3433 kb; 2.15: audio, 333 kb; 2.15: transcript.

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