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Muslims: Organisations For Further Help

Check out our list of organisations offering more general help and advice on ethnicity and healthcare.

The following organisations are good sources of information on some of the issues raised on this website about Islam and healthcare.


This organisation exists to promote the understanding of Islam and Muslims. It offers resources for training and advice to public sectors and business.

PO Box 2842, London, W6 9ZH

Tel: 020 8748 2424

Association for British Muslims

Association for British Muslims webpage

This organisation is run by Muslims and looks after the needs of Muslims within the UK, including prison visiting, schools and welfare. It offers inter-faith resources and training.

47 Davis Road, London, W3 7SE

Tel: 020 8932 4081

Muslim Council of Britain

This is an umbrella organisation devoted to inter-faith understanding, and supports the work of over 300 organisations in the Muslim community of the UK. It also has a sub-committee with responsibility for investigating improvements in healthcare for Muslim patients and staff.

PO Box 52, Wembley, London, HA9 0XW

Tel: 020 8903 9024

Imams and Mosques Council

This Council trains imams to cope with their job as leaders of the community in the UK, and also engages in inter-faith dialogue to widen understanding of the Muslim way of life.

20-22 Creffield Road, London, W5 3RP

Tel: 020 8992 6636

Muslim Law (Shari'ah) Council

This group deals on a daily basis with shari'ah and its application in modern life. They advise Muslims as well as non-Muslims on all apsects of Islamic law, and are prepared to give over-the-phone advice to people who need it. They are housed with the Imams and Mosques Council (above).

Tel: 020 8992 6636