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Cultural Awareness in Healthcare

Jews: Summary

In a hurry? Here is a list of the top tips for making Jewish patients and staff feel cared for according to their cultural needs.


  • Remember to offer Jewish patients kosher food.
  • Some patients may need help with the ritual wash that they must perform before eating and praying.
  • Restrictions on the Sabbath and other holidays might affect the provision of healthcare for some Jewish patients.
  • Jewish law recognises a duty to seek and accept medical treatment to save life.
  • Remember to provide privacy as Jewish patients might need peace and quiet to pray.
  • Try to preserve the modesty of Jewish patients where possible.
  • There are many different and diverse groups collected together under the term 'Jewish'. Each has slightly different views on subjects that may affect healthcare.

healthcare staff

  • There is a need to avoid scheduling work on the Sabbath as far as possible for Jewish staff.
  • Remember that several Jewish holidays carry similar work restrictions to those for the Sabbath, and so Jewish staff may require different schedules for those dates.
  • Staff will need to have kosher food provided in the staff canteen.
  • The acceptability of individual treatments or procedures will be influenced by the type of Judaism practised by staff. Discuss any issues arising from the provision of healthcare with individual staff.

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