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Patient Information: Translated Resources

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Links to translated information resources

This page contains a library of resources that have been translated into languages other than English. We hope you find some of these websites and the information they contain useful. Please let us know about any resources that are not listed here.

UK Transplant Agency

  • Includes many leaflets aimed at Asian and Black communities about donating their organs after death, leaflets explaining religious perspectives on organ donation (Islam, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Christianity and Judaism), and posters encouraging ethnic groups to become organ donors.
  • Available in Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu and Punjabi.

British Liver Trust

  • Includes a leaflet on ‘Getting the best from your Doctor', as well as information on topics such as liver biopsy, liver function tests, liver ultrasound and hepatitis.
  • Available in Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and Chinese.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • Includes many leaflets on common psychiatric problems and treatments, information about support groups and information about medication.
  • Available in Chinese and English only.


  • A site specialising in health advice and information for asylum seekers and refugees, with links to many multicultural and multilingual resources.
  • Contains a link to the multilingual appointment card.

British Ethnic Health Awareness Foundation

  • Some leaflets available about high risk conditions within ethnic communities (such as osteoporosis and diabetes). Available in Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and Gujarati.
  • Information is also available about health issues in ethnic communities (available only in English).


  • A company specialising in telephone interpretation, as well as other translation services. It is used by NHS Direct to assist callers who speak languages other than English.

Department of Health

  • Leaflets about consent in different circumstances (adult patients, unconscious patients, children, consenting to a test, consenting to an operation, consent for a post mortem examination).
  • The actual consent forms are also available in translation and can be downloaded freely.
  • Available in many languages, including Asian and European.

  • This link is to the emergency multi-lingual phrasebook, an extremely important and useful resource that is used by most ambulance crews.
  • Available in 23 different European, Asian and other languages.

Electronic Quality Information for Patients (EQUIP)

  • This site provides a large amount of information, including links to other websites, such as HARPweb (refugee health site), interpretation services and information about specific health issues.
  • The site is currently available in English only, but a range of different languages is available through this site.
  • Some of the links are to sites in other countries such as the USA and Australia; thus although the content of the sites may be helpful in initial understanding, some things may be different for patients in hospitals in the UK.

EthnoMed (USA)

  • Leaflets are available on a range of health issues and conditions, including cervical cancer, diabetes, hypertension and tuberculosis.
  • Languages available include Chinese, Khmer, Russian, Vietnamese and many more (not all leaflets are available in all of the listed languages).

Selected Patient Information Resources in Asian Languages (SPIRAL)

  • A website from the USA, specifically aimed at Asian language speakers, with patient information on many conditions and issues available in a variety of Asian languages.
  • Languages include Cambodian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


  • This website is devoted to informing multicultural communities about social and health issues in the UK.
  • Information is available in European and Asian languages (Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Somali, Spanish and Turkish).
  • The project uses members of local communities as translators and writers.

Home Office

  • A site with information leaflets about what happens in the case of a sudden death, including information on inquests and post-mortems.
  • Available to download in Bengali, Welsh, Urdu, Chinese, Hindi, Somali, Punjabi and Gujarati.

National Health Service (NHS)

  • This is the NHS Gateway website, which provides access to information about the NHS in the UK.
  • It includes information about finding a doctor or a dentist, how to make a complaint, and how to get an NHS card.
  • Currently, this site is available in English only.

British Ethnic Health Awareness Foundation

  • A charity that is committed to improving health in ethnic communities through the education of all communities about health issues.
  • It is also involved in disseminating information in ethnic community languages through multilingual seminars.
  • The site is in English, but some translated materials are available on general health issues (see

Institute of Linguists

  • The Institute runs a scheme to train and validate interpreters working in the public sector. This qualification is the Diploma of Public Service Interpreting.
  • It also keeps the Register of Public Service Interpreters – a database containing over 1500 individuals, speaking 83 languages between them.
  • This site also contains a section on how to find an interpreter or translator in your area.

The Patients Association

  • The Patients Association is a consumer group that is dedicated to improving the patient experience of healthcare.
  • It organises many campaigns such as those for cleaner hospitals, better services and clearer information.
  • The site provides some useful leaflets, including how to get the best from your doctor and how to make a complaint. However, these leaflets are available in English only.

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